Thursday, April 30, 2009

Qaradhawi in my heart..

A couple of months ago(almost a year already,maybe..), I bought a lot of allamah Al-Qaradhawi's book with the intention to understand his method in delivering Islam's message to the whole world.Thus, I think he is one of the prominent contemporary ulama' which have unique identity and method in spreading the light of Islam to the entire world. His understanding of the objectives of Syariah(which in arabic, maqasid syariah)makes most of his fatwas relevant and implementable throughout contemporary nations of the world(without neglecting the most basic and fundamental aspects of ijtihad such preserving a concept which is called al-thawabit fil hukm,etc).

His path is clear, safe and comfort in mye eyes(and many more brothers in the world,I think).May Allah bless him and grant him with the luxury of jannah, insyaAllah, ameen.

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